Teddy’s Birth Day.

“I decided to name you Teddy Abbott after your two maternal great-grandfathers and two of the greatest, most loving, kind, and genuine men I'll ever know. The WWII generation of really good men-- I figured you needed one hell of a strong name and although they are big shoes to fill, I have no doubt in you, my little love warrior. I may have given birth to you, but in many ways, you and your sister are the ones who breathe life into me, everyday....”

11-Months & Happiness.

“I think you changed me more than I ever thought possible—or maybe you made me stop long enough to catch my breath, actually see life's bigger picture, and giving me the best reason to stay true to my heart. In many ways, I’ll be your mentor in the things you need to learn about life—but in reality, you may be a bigger mentor to me...”

Post Partum Depression isn’t always “Depression”— [A Story of Post Partum Anxiety]

“I look at you and I’m constantly in awe that I’m your mother. Despite the hardships endured the past year, I have never been so happy. Everything I thought was so important before you, suddenly doesn’t seem as important anymore. Maybe it’s so many life transitions all at once, I’ll never know, but I do know that being your mother is the most important job in my life—and you, my health, your father, and your fur-siblings are my number one priority. All else can wait. What a ride, but the most beautiful ride I’m lucky enough to experience...”