Saying Goodbye to our “First Home.”

We bought our loft condo in 2010, right before I was going to start graduate school and before we’d even been dating a full year. The market had crashed making it affordable, I soon would be entering a grad program for who—only-knows-how-long and because I was grant-funded, I wouldn’t be able to show income for any possible future mortgage underwriters during that time, plus it was minutes into downtown and close enough to school for me to drive, so if we wanted a place of our own in the next 5 years, we needed to get it now (or so we thought). Impulsive? Yes, of course, we’d barely been dating a year. A leap of faith? A huge one, that just happened to really work out.

I was 25 and paying rent/living in Boston for the past 6 years, I didn’t really have a huge savings account, neither did your dad, but we put every penny together to buy this beautiful loft condo in an up-and-coming community just outside the city—and ‘survive’ to get me through school and the beginning phases of our careers. People thought we were crazy and maybe we were, but leaps of faith have been our game since day one.

Today at noon, we’re saying goodbye to our first home, our home for the past 5 3/4ths years. After the past year of condo-related-craziness, I wasn’t expecting to feel so many emotions running through my head. But that condo, that place holds so many memories, memories I never want to forget.

We moved there as a young in heart and experience couple to become not only a much stronger couple, but much less naïve individuals when it comes to heart and experience. That condo saw me through grad school, Kaiah’s first 5 1/2 years of life, our engagement and marriage as well as all of our relationship’s ups/downs and learning experiences, Logan’s last three years, many foster dogs temporary stays while they looked for fur-ever homes, one too many home construction projects, Brian’s career climbing adventures, a house fire, an almost law suit against our developers, and you, my dear girl.

I’ve been so focused this past year on the stress of the rare obstacles we faced selling our condo, which prevented us be able to sell it to a cash offer buyer twice; but then I really think about it–and it brings me so much happiness. It brought us the best days of our lives. There is so much to cherish and appreciate about our marriage, the hardships that made us stronger, the good times that made us laugh through the craziness, starting and graduating school, Brian loving his job, meeting many friends, becoming a mom and foster mom to our fur-kids, and becoming a first time mom to you.

That’s the good stuff and that’s what I’m focusing on. So today, is more bittersweet than I ever imagined.

Goodbye to our first ‘home’ that helped us cultivate a strong, nurturing marriage ‘team’ and gave us two amazing dogs, and you, our beautiful, albeit crazy active baby girl—and all the memories in-between. It’s been the perfect home for 5 years and a little stressful one for the past year, but one I’m both saddened and happy to leave behind.

Welcome to suburbia, which will no doubt bring so many new challenges and triumphs, but it’s our next adventure and we cannot wait.

We love you with all our hearts and can’t wait to watch you grow and explore what will hopefully be the house/town that sees you through school and beyond.

You’re the best adventure yet kiddo,


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