Hello Parenting World. We’re New Here.

Hello Parenting World. We’re New Here.

Our daughter, Charley was born in May 2015, thus, for the past three months, my husband and I have been navigating a lot of unfamiliar terrain, but laughing and loving every day, which subsequently always brings NEW adventures.  When she was born, we made her an email account that we’ve been sending her letters and pictures of these adventures and all the changes happening (so quickly)– and decided to make a blog along the same lines. Sharing our joys, triumphs, frustrations, mistakes, but mostly just unadulterated love for this little being who came into our lives and changed everything we once knew (or thought we knew). I know we have so much learning and growing to do alongside our daughter and I cannot wait to discover all the new things she will teach us each day.

Okay, we’re also big (BIG) animal people, so there may be doggy content as well. It wouldn’t be ‘us’ without featuring our two other goofballs.

Come join us on our adventures.

Newly Minted Parents,

J & B


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