Love On, Little Man.

Teddy, Teds, TeDo, Bubba, Abbott—you already have a list of nicknames your loved ones refer to you as. I call you Bubba. My Bubba. You are literally the happiest, smiliest, most easy-going baby—and thank-all-that-is-good-in-this-world because it had been one hell of a trying year—A time in life when I didn’t think I’d survive one more … Continue reading Love On, Little Man.

Teddy’s Birth Day.

“....I decided to name you Teddy Abbott after your two maternal great-grandfathers and two of the greatest, most loving, kind, and genuine men I'll ever know. The WWII generation of really good men-- I figured you needed one hell of a strong name and although they are big shoes to fill, I have no doubt in you, my little love warrior. I may have given birth to you, but in many ways, you and your sister are the ones who breathe life into me, everyday....”

(un)happy 5th anniversary.

“...We both wanted children more than we’ve ever wanted anything in our entire lives—and parenting was something that came so naturally to both of us—you are truly the best things that ever happened to either of us, I know no other statement to be more true. You are our everything—and I hope every day for the rest of your lives, you know this with every fiber of your being. You are our hearts and souls outside our bodies, created in love, and will be raised with love—just from different households...”

You’re two today.

“...I can’t believe you turn two today—you change and grow so fast, I worry if I don’t capture your every moment—I’ll lose the memory of the you that you were before today. To think how ungodly early we wake up, but at night, still feel there’s never enough time in a day. As much as I can’t wait for each milestone, inside, I mourn each too. They mean you’re growing up right in front of me—and I just want time to pause, to enjoy this day, this hour, this minute, this moment...”